5 Good For Your Smile Stocking Stuffers

Dec 10 • 2 minute read

Five Good for Your Smile Stocking Stuffers


Holiday gift ideas can be the most fun part of the holidays.  Some of us enjoy purchasing small gifts to show how much we care.  Others just can’t come up with the first idea of what to give.  Unfortunately, many of these small gifts are candy or other items that can contribute to tooth decay and weight gain.

If you are concerned about the health of those receiving your gifts, why not think of giving good for your smile gifts?  Try some of these fun ideas to promote a beautiful smile this season.


1.       Dr. John’s Sugar Free Candies


Candies sweetened with Natural American Birch Xylitol.  Studies show that Xylitol actually helps prevent tooth decay.  Dr. John’s has a user-friendly website ( and a wide assortment of treats - everything from lollipops to caramels to taffy.  These are gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, non-GMO, soy free, nut free and safe for diabetics (on the advice of your physician).


2.      Plaque HD Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste


This toothpaste turns plaque teal green.  So, any plaque missed during brushing can be easily seen and removed.   Think of the reverse of paint by number - a fun new way to “disclose” any remaining plaque.   This paste comes in Bubble Gum or Mint flavors and can be currently found at  Your dentist may also have this product in their office.


3.      An Electric Toothbrush


Research shows that an electric toothbrush removes plaque and stimulates the gum tissues far better than traditional toothbrushes. There are so many different varieties, it’s often difficult to choose.  The most popular and most effective brand that I have found and recommend to my patients every day is the Oral-B Vitality electric brush.  It works well and is very cost effective.  It can be found online, at your dentist’s office and in many retail establishments.  The price will vary depending on how many features you need. 


4.      Gum Chucks. 


These flossing aids resemble miniature Nunchucks and feature disposable tips that are connected by a piece of dental floss. The two-handle system allows you to easily make the dentist-recommended “C” shape with the floss.  These are available in many dental offices and at They come in varieties for kids, adults and even for orthodontics (yes, they actually do floss under braces effectively).  A starter kit comes with the handles you need plus 10 disposable tips. You may want to put a refill tip package in the stocking as well.


5.      Tooth Whitening 


This wouldn’t be appropriate for young children, but many adults would love to have whiter teeth.  There are a variety of ways to whiten.  The most simple can be any of the over-the-counter white strips that are available at your dental office or in most stores.   For stubborn stains that have not responded to simple strip whitening, your dentist can provide stronger whitening options. A gift certificate for professional whitening is a great present. Call your dentist for fees and coupons. 


You may think some of these holiday gift ideas are about as exciting as receiving socks or underwear—but you may just make those special folks in your life feel loved, healthy and happy!

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