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Financial Information

Our desire is to provide you with the dental care that you need and deserve, while respecting your time and your budget.  This page is designed to provide you with helpful information regarding the financial side of dentistry at Topsham Dental Arts.

Payment Options: we accept cash, checks, and the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Special note on checks: if a check is returned to us by the bank a $35 “Returned Check” fee will be charged to your account.

Payment is always expected at the time you receive dental care. If you have dental insurance, this means your estimated “co-pay.”  If you do not have insurance, this means your fees for services rendered less any courtesies you may be eligible for.

For multiple appointment services such as crowns, bridges and dentures, complete payment is expected by the final appointment. 50% of the fee is paid at the first appointment and 50% at the final visit.

We have created an Oral Health Membership Plan for patients who do not have insurance and would like a little extra help with their dental costs.  Please ask any staff member for information.

Patients who have no dental insurance will receive a 10% courtesy when paying in full at time of service with cash or check.

Patients who have no dental insurance will receive a 5% courtesy when paying in full at time of service with a credit card.

Upon approval with Care Credit, we offer our patients a six month, interest-free term loan with no down payment and no pre-payment penalties.

Patients using Care Credit are not eligible for the cash/check/credit card courtesies because Topsham Dental Arts is paying the finance charges to Care Credit on the patient’s behalf.

Multiple discounts/courtesies may not be combined.

If you have dental insurance, we are happy to assist you by filing claims on your behalf. It is critical that you provide us with accurate information so that this process will be seamless. We make every effort to file your claims promptly and accurately.  If there are issues with a claim that we cannot resolve, for example: the patient was not eligible on the date of service - then the balance will become yours to pay.